Welcome to your dream land !

    We are skilled professionals with 300+ collective years of combined cross industry experience in Designing and Implementing Information Systems and Service and Support Technologies.

    We are skillful technology transformation journey partners, project managers, business process automation and business continuity leaders.

    We have implemented SAP projects for a wide variety of industries for various complicated business procedures. An Island has provided innovative solutions for data collection systems, for example PLCs. This information is automatically input directly into SAP, eliminating errors normally associated with manual entry and as an added bonus real time data reporting is generated by the process.

    Our expertise within SAP has delivered solutions in the Materials Management, Production Planning, Plant Maintenance, Project Systems, Sales and distribution in addition to the Financials modules. We have designed a variety of solutions incorporating the GuiXT products in order to provide an effortless application within SAP.
    An Island has also developed software products which support the SAP system environment. They include Data Scrambling, Archiving, Automated Currency Exchange and Vacation Scheduling, along with others currently in the development phase.

    An Island follows its motto “Where the Sun Never Sets” providing value added solutions to customers globally at an affordable price. Please contact us to discuss additional new and innovative solutions.