Partner Programs

An Island’s partner program offers resellers a unique, comprehensive and flexible program. It is designed to create strategic alliances with participants involved in SAP. Participants can collaborate, discuss opportunities and merge resources for innovative selling solutions.

Our partner program is structured to let you design your relationship with An Island. As a participant you decide the commitment and resources you are willing to commit and we will structure a unique agreement. Participants with greater commitments receive premium benefits, a variety of product discounts, and sales training.

Programs can be developed for specific industry such as banking, manufacturing, transportation, or utilities, and can be established on a local, regional or national level.

Partner Program Requirements

Partner Program is open to organizations committed to providing SAP solutions for private corporations and the ERP/SAP community. To be an eligible partner, your organization must meet the following requirements:

  • The organization must have proven customer base and SAP implementation experience that complements An Island’s solutions and goals.
  • Applicants must provide a business plan and must be prepared to launch or resell our integrated solutions (partner services & An Island’s products) within 12 months of joining the program.

Partner Program Benefits

The Partner program includes the following benefits:

  • Joint sales and demand creation activities:

    • Marketing materials such as, Demo DVDs, brochures, white papers, success stories
    • Hotlinks to partner sites – An Island updates and information
  • Opportunity registration protection
  • Expanded market visibility
  • Discounted An Island Products
  • Additional annual sales discount awards. (subject to review)
  • Unlimited telephone service and support between 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Mon – Fri) Central Time, excluding holidays.
  • Unlimited support by email and fax.

If you are interested please contact us !