Brain Trust

Worried about overhead, or those times when its difficult to justify a new position ? An Island presents a One Stop Solution to your essential IT requirements. Brain Trust is a Suite of Virtual Resources designed to relieve your business of costly overhead, training, and man power constraints. A specific IT Virtual Resource is an experienced professional dedicated to handle the responsibilities of the area. Brain Trust not only supports individual needs, but also can fulfill entire departmental roles. An Island’s virtual resource can save up to 60% of your current IT budget.

Companies continually face the following minimum issues:

  • Cost of hiring an employee is high
  • Specialized job resources are difficult to acquire
  • Utilization of specialists time does not meet value for the money
  • Replacement costs are high as new employee requires training
  • Employees require a backup resource which adds additional training and overhead
  • New systems or upgrades generally have limited or very basic training provided