Disaster Recovery: Companies must take steps to protect their business systems and data during unplanned interruptions. Access to your company’s critical data and systems is what business continuity is all about. An Island offers a complete solution to keep your business up and running despite unplanned interruptions. This means your company data is always protected and available. Traditional disaster recovery and business continuity planning can be extremely expensive. An Island offers a cost effective solution to meet your DR needs.

Need an even more economical disaster recovery solution? Let An Island provide the hardware.

24/7 support and remote access to your DR equipment. Dedicated bandwidth available.

Backup Tape Storage: Onsite backup tape storage is not part of a properly implemented business continuity plan. An Island offers an offsite Backup Tape Storage and transportation system that keeps your backup tapes safe and secure from unplanned interruptions. An Island’s secure off site storage is climate and humidity controlled to ensure your backup media is stored properly. Daily, weekly, and/or monthly pickups can be arranged to meet your requirements and ensure data security.