Total Web Base Solution

  • No client side software, installation, updates or support
  • Log in from anywhere, anytime, with any browser
  • Full access to all features anytime from anywhere

Automatic Assignments

  • Assign issues to individuals or groups
  • Pre-define criteria such as issue type, location, or customer
  • Issue sub type or project

Automatic Email Conversion

  • Email problem report
  • Retrieve relevant data and open new track issue
  • Attach appropriate user with asset record
  • Automatically assign issue based on department or issue type
  • Track all emails to issue record

Customizable System

  • Flexibility to meet your business needs

Report Writer

  • Create and run reports quickly and efficiently
  • Reports created for management, financials, and audits

Support Multiple Business Services

  • Allows different portals to support different customers
  • Allows different logos / color schemes for each business service
Executive Dashboard

  • Data is turned into insight for more informed decisions
  • Key metrics can be instantly reviewed
  • Issue compliance from opening to completion can be monitored
  • Auto refreshes in your defined time intervals

Issue Escalation

  • Automatic escalation of issues based on your rules

Asset Management

  • Software license compliance with filtering
  • Initial and continuing audits
  • Audits on demand
  • Supports non-PC assets
  • No installation required on your desktop

Active Directory

  • Authenticates users against your active directory

Time Tracking

  • Tracking by department, customer, or issue

Web Surveys

  • Allow customers to rank your service